"The Bath of Eden": Allows a Clutter-Free Shower With All Needed Accessories

​People who are shower addicts as opposed to bathing in a tub will appreciate a new device that has the potential to hold the needed accessories when showering. The Bath of Eden is a specially designed shower accessory system featuring integrated shampoo, conditioner and body-wash holders and dispensers. The design intent is to provide consumers with a multi-purpose bath accessory that would mount on the neck of the shower head and eliminate the need for separate containers thus keeping the shower area free of clutter. It is used at home or when on the go and the sure-to-please Bath of Eden is far easier to handle and store than when using multiple containers.

The Bath of Eden unit is a rectangular unit designed to attach directly to any shower head figuration. This handy container boasts three sufficient receptacles—accessed via capped ingress points at the top of each dispenser.  Each dispenser is appropriately labeled and when a certain button is pressed the desired liquid is dispensed from the unit through output nozzles. Each dispenser features a clear window so the user knows when a product needs to be refilled.  The device is available in silver or gold and a vast array of colors. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Bath of Eden.
The Patent Pending Bath of Eden was invented by a resident of Central NJ who said, “The Bath of Eden provides a shower experience that is in an aesthetically pleasing bathing space and provides a relaxing experience without the concern of tripping or falling on or over dropped bottles of shampoo, conditioner or lotions. It works because the needed items are right where they should be—at the shower head and level to the eyes of the user.”

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Source: Invents Company


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