"The Bedex ": Endurance, Strength and Cardiovascular Function

​The Bedex is a lightweight exercising device designed for use on a bed. The design intent is to provide bed-bound, low mobility, and low endurance (COPD, emphysema, etc.) consumers with an easy and effective means of exercising the upper and lower extremities safely and comfortably from the confines of their bed at home or in a health care facility. Combating the negative effects of immobility, the Bedex increases muscle tone and improves circulation, thus reducing extremity weakness and improving overall health. This equipment can be used by anyone with full or partial mobility but want the positive effects of exercising. The Bedex is also beneficial for consumers who are mobile but lack endurance for activity such as those with COPD, emphysema, CHF, stroke, asthma, neurological problems such as multiple sclerosis, etc., as well as those who are temporarily incapacitated due to recent surgeries — medical or orthopedic.

The Bedex Is a lightweight rectangular unit that can be slid directly beneath the user’s body and is securely anchored to the foot of the bed frame preventing slippage during use. The Bedex uses a chain on a hydraulic pulley system with which the patients exercise their extremities. Mounted to either side of the unit is a set of sturdy hand grips which are attached to bars that run lengthwise down either side of the unit and slide back and forth in a reciprocal manner. These grips feature vertical handles that are coated in nonskid felt or comparable material, facilitating a firm hold. Gripping gloves are offered for use with the Bedex. Velcro fasteners are incorporated into the design of the hand grips and are to be wrapped over the hands and anchored to the handles to enable patients suffering upper extremity weakness to more easily hold onto the hand grips during   use (such as in cases of stroke). Positioned side by side, directly between the upper extremity exercise apparatus, is a device for exercising the lower extremities. This apparatus is connected to the chain or hydraulic pulley system that controls the upper extremity apparatus and is configured to move the legs and bend the knees, again, in a reciprocal fashion. Featuring sliding components, this system boasts a set of sturdy metal or comparable foot plates for the patients to rest their feet. Adjustable holders extend over each foot to secure the foot in place within the foot plate, with additional corresponding straps offered to be secured about either calve. A set of removable bar supports are included to control lower extremity weakness and better enable the patient to operate the device. The Bedex features various resistance settings as well. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Bedex.

The Patent Pending Bedex was invented by Danute Jurksaitis, an experienced physical therapist living in Riverside, CA who said, “This is easy-to-clean and share with other patients and best of all, the user can control the device to adjust the resistance levels and speed settings. It works perfectly.”

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