"The Bella Board": A Scratch-Resistant Panel To Use On Doors

Invents introduces "The Bella Board" for use on doors behind which canine fur-babies are anxiously waiting arrival of their human.

Attention dog owners and dog caretakers! Dogs are a responsibility and can easily cause unintentional damage. If you are tired of the scratches your four-legged fur-baby makes in the door then you will appreciate the new Bella Board. Proper claw grooming is vitally important to your home and your dog. But sometimes, even though the nails are trimmed regularly, scratches occur and this often happens when the animal knows their human is on the way indoors.

The Bella Board is a scratch-resistant panel for the door itself and it has a built-in emery board material station which will automatically groom the nails. The panel itself has a scooped handle at the top for easy insertion to fit securely into the frame. This product will eliminate the unsightly scratches and marks associated with a pet attempting to peer out a door or even to scratch to be let out. It ensures that household doors maintain a pristine appearance regardless of the number of dogs enjoying free reign in the home. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Bella Board.

The Patent Pending Bella Board was invented by Cynthia Bott of Massapequa, NY who said, “Whether the beloved dog wants out to go potty or to greet his or her human, the Bella Board works. It is easy to install and easy to remove. It can be moved from one room to the next quickly because the track-style frame is also easy to install. Bella Board serves a dual purpose – protecting the door and helping groom the nails of the dog and keep hard and rough skin from the paw pads. All dog owners/lovers will appreciate the Bella Board and so will the canine residents.”

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