"The Belt Release": That Will Cut a Seatbelt in an Emergency Situation

​The Belt Release is an attachment for a seat belt in a vehicle that is able to either manually or automatically cut the material of the belt following an impact instantly releasing the trapped motorist or passenger from the belt. It is designed to provide a simple means of alleviating the risk of becoming trapped in a vehicle because of the seat belt. The Belt Release will be made from a durable plastic that is approximately 3½” L by 1” W. It will be designed to slide directly onto a seatbelt. The Belt Release will have an ultra-sharp blade inside that will be activated by a push and slide system on the top of the exterior. 

In the event the user should find that they cannot release the seatbelt in the standard fashion, a button on the Belt Release will be pressed, breaking the plastic tabs. The button would then be slid to the left and with another press, engages the spring that forces the blade outward to slice the seatbelt. This very thoughtful product could be a lifesaver in an automobile emergency. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Belt Release.

The Patent Pending Belt Release was invented by Robert Dolan, Jr. and Debra Piazza of Columbia, NC who said, “This is a very well-conceived product that could save many lives, regardless of how severe the accident. It can be affixed to any seatbelt and be ready to use in a matter of seconds.”

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Source: Invents Company


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