"The Bikini Satin Incontinence Wear With Perfume Pocket": Eliminates Need to Wear Bulky and Uncomfortable Adult Diapers

The Bikini Satin Incontinence Wear with Perfume Pocket is a line of wearable undergarments for both women and men in the form of a flattering bikini specially configured for urine absorbency. The Bikini Satin Incontinence Wear with Perfume Pocket incorporates a pocketed time-release, scented tablet or scented cotton strips. The design intent is to provide a simple and sanitary means of preventing leaks and odor due to incontinence while enabling the wearer to remain stylish and maintain a level of freshness and comfort throughout the day.

The Bikini Satin Incontinence Wear with Perfume Pocket is worn below the belly button and is available in a variety of sizes.  It is fashioned of a sleek, silky material with the interior comprised of a bio-degradable, absorbent padding. The front of the lower portion of the Bikini has a Velcro® -enhanced pouch or pocket, into which the unit's perfume tablet or scented cotton strips is placed infusing the garment and the wearer with a fresh, pleasant scents. All undergarments in the line are durably sealed on all sides to ensure against leakage and discomfort to the wearer. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Bikini Satin Incontinence Wear with Perfume Pocket. 

The Patent Pending Bikini Satin Incontinence Wear with Perfume Pocket was invented by Cynthia Herchert of Prescott, AZwho said, “Those who fear walking around in wet or visibly stained clothing can prevent humiliation by using the Bikini Satin Incontinence Wear and will be odor free as well. This undergarment provides discreet and secure protection for every user.”

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