"The Boaz Triple Action Snow & Ice Removal": A Simple Multifaceted Way in Which to Easily Remove the Frost, Snow and Ice That Builds Up on a Vehicle

"The Boaz Triple Action Snow & Ice Removal" is a three-in-one tool that is quick, fast and best of all, convenient.

Attention all residents in the northern climate where winter snow sleet, ice and cold weather are normal. Here is a new type of tool which will make cold wet winter weather easier. The Boaz Triple Action Snow & Ice Removal is an assistive tool featuring a shovel, scraper, and sweeper, all combined into one convenient tool. The Boaz Triple Action Snow & Ice Removal will provide consumers with a simple multifaceted way in which to easily remove the frost, snow and ice that builds up on a vehicle during inclement weather.

The Boaz Triple Action Snow & Ice Removal provides three services, all in one unit. Brushing away snow and and ice from windows, including the windshield is a vital action for any driver of an ungaraged vehicle. It is lightweight and easy-to-use and best of all it is affordable and will last for years of repeated use. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in The Boaz Triple Action Snow & Ice Removal.

The Patent Pending Boaz Triple Action Snow & Ice Removal was invented by Darleen Cunningham of Neptune, NJ who said, “My past unfortunately experiences during snow storms is what brought to life the Boaz Triple Action Snow & Ice Removal tool. I was inspired to design this by the grace of God and need to build a tool that works for to all of us who live in climates where snow and ice are normal winter events. Even if one garages a vehicle, leaving it parked outdoors during the workday or when shopping or at other such events, including church services, will find this the best 3-in-1 tool ever for clearing his or her vehicle when snow and ice storms visit the area.

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