"The Booster Seat Drive Along With iPod Attachable": Limits Driver Distraction When Toddler is "Driving" Too

Keeping a child occupied is a problem for many parents and even more precarious when in a vehicle.  This solves that problem and makes for a happy youngster at the same time. The Booster Seat Drive Along With iPod Attachable is a dashboard for toddlers in a booster seat. The Booster Seat Drive Along With iPod Attachable offers amusement for young passengers by providing a steering wheel and numerous controls that allows the youngster to mimic the driver. “Let me do it” are four words a child is often heard saying as Mommy or Daddy drive the car but give him or her the ability to “drive” while riding along.

The Booster Seat Drive Along With iPod Attachable is a dashboard that connects to the booster/car seat. The Booster Seat is ergonomically designed to be positioned in front of the child. The center of the unit has a steering wheel featuring a universal device dock for an iPod/ iPhone or similar device. Located on the lower portion of the unit are two compartments for drinks and snacks. Like real automobiles, the Booster Seat Drive Along With iPod Attachable features a right and left directional signal that lights up when activated like real blinkers. The windshield wiper button is located near the left blinker light and will activate the illuminated wipers to move from left to right. The internal display screen can also be illuminated for night driving. The unit is easily attached to the base of the booster seat thus ensuring a secure fit. To remove the dashboard the user simply detaches it from the base of the seat and folds into compact position.
The Booster Seat Drive Along With iPod Attachable is Patent Pending and was invented by Katherine Peate of Chicago, IL who said, “Babies and toddlers are curious individuals and learn new things quickly. This unit is perfect because it not only keeps them occupied and helps satisfy their curiosity, but it is amusing and helps to keep them distracted when a parent or caregiver is driving. It works.”

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