"The Boss EQ": Enhances Sounds to Fit Your Style With Minimum of Work

Alert---Music lovers! If you are one of the many music loving individuals enjoying the use of headphones then this new device is perfect for you. The Boss EQ is a line of functional stereo headphones in bright vibrant colors that are enhanced with equalizing capabilities. The design intent is to provide music lovers with full control over the sound of their headphones, allowing them to produce and engineer true customized sounds when listening to music, watching movies, and more. It is an equalizer that allows the user to customize sound as if one were an engineer in the studio mixing music. The Boss EQ allows the user to be fully in control of the headphones.

The lightweight Boss EQ incorporates a compact and user-friendly earbud style as well as a headphone style.  They are joined and held in place with a durable, adjustable headset.  The Boss EQ operates via a control device---essentially a mini-computer. Pre-loaded with the appropriate software and models sound by mimicking the sound of other headphones as it operates and controls the interface with the companion device, whether mp3 player, tablet computer, laptop, or smartphone. The equalizer will boost or cut bass or treble frequencies, eliminate unwanted sounds, or make certain instruments or voices more prominent. An incorporated limiter serves to level out sound, so that it is not too loud for the listener. These eye-catching devices are offered in many desired color combinations and themes with graphics in bright vibrant hues. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Boss EQ. 
The Boss EQ is Patent Pending and was invented by Eric Daniels of Long Beach, CA who said, “This is a versatile alternative to common headphones and allows users to custom-create their own sound levels. It is a device that facilitates the customization of the preferred sound levels of the user. The equalizer lets one eliminate unwanted sounds and change the voices or instruments to enhance the tone. It works perfectly.”

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