"The Bottle Pillow": A Hands-Free Means Of Feeding Their Child A Baby Bottle When On-The-Go

"The Bottle Pillow" secures bottle during Baby's feeding leaving Mom and Dad hands-free for other duties.

Until one has a child it is almost impossible to understand the numerous duties required as a parent and caregiver. One of the most vital duties is the nutrition and feeding of the infant. This takes time and requires patience. The Bottle Pillow is a specially designed travel pillow for use by infant and toddler children with the pillow boasting an integrated holder for securing a baby bottle incorporated into its design. The intent of this design is to offer busy parents a hands-free means of feeding their child a baby bottle when on-the-go, without having to hold it continuously and without worry and/or concern on behalf of the parent/caregiver.

The Bottle Pillow holds the bottle in place and makes the baby comfortable while drinking their formula/milk while keeping the bottle in place. The bottle pouch is adjustable and will fit any size or shape bottle. Many different sizes are available, as we ll as different colors and patterns, depending upon the likes of the consumer. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Bottle Pillow.

The Patent Pending Bottle Pillow was invented by Yontra Rufus of Palmdale, CA who said, “Being a parent is so much more than most of us ever anticipated and keeping our babies fed and happy is vitally important. The Bottle Pillow eliminates the need for a parent to constantly hold the bottle manually when unable to do so, such as when traveling. It works perfectly.”

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