"The Bouncing Recliner": the Gain of Exercise Without the Pain While Adding Relaxation

​Everyone today recognizes the benefits of exercise. Sometimes it is not possible to accomplish due to other commitments but if one had the Bouncing Recliner that takes care of itself.  The Bouncing Recliner is a premium-quality adjustable recliner, the interior of which is equipped with an inflatable bladder which performs like an exercise ball. The design intent is to offer consumers a means of bouncing on a safe, cushioned, comfortable recliner for gentle toning exercise and relaxation, as well as for rocking or bouncing a fussy baby.
The Bouncing Recliner looks like a typical top quality recliner with ample foam padding but is different in that it offers consumers a means of bouncing on a safe, cushioned, comfortable recliner and it works perfectly to aid exercise programs and much more. The upholstery ranges from fabric to leather depending upon the consumer taste.  There is a rubber bladder-like inflatable exercise ball beneath the seat filled to varying volumes and pressures via a hand-controlled on-board air compressor which expands beneath the seat to add a resilience or bounce the seat. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the new Bouncing Recliner.
The Patent Pending Bouncing Recliner was invented by Catherine Byers Howard of Chicago, IL who said, “This is an unusual chair and might even feel somewhat like a massage chair but the Bouncing Recliner is much more comfortable and has many more important uses. It enables the user to start an exercise program in a gentle way by simply stretching, arching, rocking, bouncing, bending and twisting slowly while gently supported by the resilient inflated seat of the recliner. What makes this so great is that it is ready for use on command and immediately accessible. Fussy babies will be soothed by it as well as the user. It works perfectly.”

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