"The Bright Pen Light": A Pen That Cleverly Incorporates a Convenient Flashlight Accessory

Invents unveils "The Bright Pen Light" making it difficult to hide from this bright light and it is always at the user's fingertips.

​Objects that are easy to find or put one's hands on quickly can be modified and that is exactly what happened with the new Bright Pen Light. Women carry pens in their handbags or wallet and men carry writing instruments in a shirt or suit pocket, both mean that these items are easy to access as needed. The Bright Pen Light is a pen that cleverly incorporates a convenient flashlight accessory. The design intent is to provide a novel, yet extremely useful tool that features two products in one compact unit. This device is designed to provide a more user-friendly alternative to traditional pen lights that only function as a dim light source and often fail to emit adequate light in the dark. It can be utilized to write and to illuminate a sizable area like an actual flashlight.

The Bright Pen Light serves as both a well lighted flashlight for closeups or distance viewing and as a retractable ball point pen. It is handy for the user because it provides two vital components and is seldom very far from one's hands. The casing of the Bright Pen Light is available in a wide variety of colors and designs in order to appeal to individual tastes. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Bright Pen Light.

The Patent Pending Bright Pen Light was invented by Bob Gallart of Brooklyn, NY who said, “Whether one is a business executive, office personnel, student, member of law enforcement, in the military or a teenager wanting to study or read past the household curfew, the Bright Pen Light can be the answer. Everyone can benefit from owning the Bright Pen Light.”

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