"The Broom Glove": Protects Baseboard and Furniture When Sweeping

Nicks on furniture and wood trim when cleaning cannot always be avoided unless using this great protective device. The Broom Glove is a soft, foam rubber sheath configured expressly to be applied over the head of a broom. The design intent is to provide a soft buffer between the hard plastic or wood head of the broom and delicate furnishings and surface areas, thus preventing the accidental damage to these objects which can occur when sweeping the floor. The Broom Glove can also be used on mops and most vacuums.

The Broom Glove is manufactured primarily of a soft, yet sturdy foam rubber material molded to fit over the head of the broom in a similar manner as a glove. Generally rectangular The Broom Glove is a stretchy sleeve, sized appropriately to accommodate virtually any standard household broom. The top of the unit features a small, circular opening to accommodate the broom handle. The base of The Broom Glove features an ample, rectangular opening to accommodate the body of the broom head. The user simply unscrews the handle from the broom head and applies The Broom Glove to the head of the broom, ending just above the bristles. When applied, The Broom Glove covers the head of the broom from top to bottom, with the bristles below, free for sweeping. The user then sweeps floor per usual, with The Broom Glove providing a reliable buffer between the hard head of the broom and delicate surface areas. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Broom Glove.
The Patent Pending Broom Glove was invented by Vilma Suazo of Mount Vernon, NY who said, “The glove provides a buffer between the hard head of a broom and surfaces such as wood trim, molding, cabinets and furniture when one is sweeping. It prevents marring and works perfectly.”

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