"The Bumper Sticker Guard": Makes for Easy "Sticker" Removal From Car Bumpers

Political affiliations with certain politicians always seems to end up sticking ‘forever’ to the bumper after having been displayed during a long campaign. The same is true with other bumper sticker themes which the automotive owner later wishes to remove. Removal is a snap when using this new product. The Bumper Sticker Guard is a system of cargo buckles to be attached by straps to an existing bumper guard which would hold bumper stickers in place without using the sticker's adhesive backing. The design intent is to enable consumers to easily interchange and display bumper stickers, when using bumper guards to protect the vehicle, without the trouble of removing leftover adhesive or harming the vehicle after prolonged use or removal of the sticker(s).

Made of hard plastic and attached to an existing bumper guard by way of adjustable straps, each Bumper Sticker Guard system includes a total of 12 cargo buckles; 6 for the top and 6 for the bottom of a bumper guard. A total of 4 bumper Sticker Guards are needed to apply each bumper sticker. To attach, the user would simply wrap the straps around the top and bottom of the bumper guard respectively. With the buckles in place, a bumper sticker can be secured at all four corners to the bumper guard. The strapped cargo buckles will slide to allow for appropriate sizing when securing a bumper sticker in place. (Alternately, this product could also be produced as an entire system including the actual bumper guard and Bumper Sticker Guard system.) Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Bumper Sticker Guard.
The Bumper Sticker Guard is Patent Pending and was invented by Joseph Ruggiero of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This unit actually allows a vehicle owner to adorn their car bumper with expressive stickers that are easy to remove and interchange with other stickers and whichever bumper sticker is attached, it is visible to passersby and other drivers too. It works perfectly.”

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Source: Invents Company


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