"The Busy Bee Tea": No Spoon Easy-to-Use Pouch With Flavor Enhancers Added

​Now there is a quick and easy way to enjoy your favorite cup of tea or coffee. The Busy Bee Tea is a line of specially designed pouches containing pre-measured pouches of tea or coffee, along with sugar, artificial sweetener, and/or non-dairy creamer, all within honeycomb inspired packaging. The design intent is to provide consumers who enjoy enhanced beverages with a convenient, quick, no-mess means of creating the perfect cup of tea or coffee in moments and eliminate a mess.

Busy Bee Teas are packaged in pouches similar to common tea bags or a small porous sealed bag.  A predetermined amount of tea, in the form of loose leaves, line the bottom of the bag. The variety of tea flavors include but are not limited to chamomile, green, black, English Breakfast and chai, just to name a few possibilities. A string is attached to each bag with a bumblebee at the end of the string for easy handling. Ground coffee options include bold, medium roast or decaf. The rest of the Busy Bee Tea Bags are filled with an appropriate amount of pure sugar and some will also include non-dairy creamers, fruit extracts or granulated honey, depending upon the preference of the consumer. The only other item needed is the cup of hot water.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Busy Bee Tea.
The Patent Pending Busy Bee Tea was invented by residents of Linden, NJ who said, “This pouch works. It is outfitted with tea, coffee, sugar, creamer and other elections thus offering a choice of various blends to appeal to any consumer. The Busy Bee Tea line is absolutely delicious and can be prepared without any mess and very little work.”

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