"The Button Re-Designer": Easily Adorns With Embellishments, Glitz, or Other Types of Bling

​The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary describes the word fancifiy; to make ornate, elaborate or fancy. This description accurately describes The Button Re-Designer.  This is a line of fashionable, interchangeable button covers, each designed to clamp onto an existing button, with the top folding over to secure it in place and reface the button. The Button Re-Designer is available in a numerous colors, materials, shapes and sizes with a multitude of embellishments to provide consumers with an affordable and stylish means of achieving variety and individuality within in their instantly enhanced wardrobe.

This is an artistic and unique device, presented as an accoutrement in various shapes—round, square or oval, and sized to fit around or clamp onto the edge of virtually any existing button. The decorative hinged top is snapped closed similar to a barrette, securing the unit in place while covering and re-facing an existing button. The Button Re-Designer is available in a variety of color, textures and material from fabrics to fine metals and also augmented with patterns, additions, and embellishments that includes rhinestones, acrylic stones, beads and crystals to name just a few of the many choices. Designs will appeal to both male and female, young and old. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Button Re-Designer.
The Patent Pending Button Re-Designer was invented by Mordechai Ort of Lakewood, NJ who said, “The Button Re-Designer is especially unique when working on one’s clothing but, better yet, it can be used on handbags, pillows featuring buttons, or virtually any other item with buttons. Design is the name of the game and this product wins because it works.”

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