'The Cake Cover Candle Holder—CCCH': Safely Serving Decorated Cake With Lit Candles and a Smile

Parties are often held with a special occasion cake decorated to exemplify the type of party taking place and includes a cake with candles. However, candles can present a problem during transport and when being blown out by the person being celebrated. The Cake Cover Candle Holder-CCCH is a line of specially designed, transparent cake holders and covers, both round and rectangular, and in several sizes, that feature recessed, form-fitting holes or wells on the top covers to hold cake candles. Creating a germ-proof barrier between the candles (and the candle-blower) and the cake, as well as providing protection and storage for the cake, the design intent is to ensure that blowing-out the candles on a cake is a safe, hygienic experience for all of those celebrating the occasion and consuming the cake.

The Cake Cover Candle Holder-CCCH is produced in food-grade, injection-molded thermoplastic, firm but somewhat pliable. The rectangular version of the Cake Cover Candle Holder-CCCH is produced in a variety of sizes to accommodate sheet cakes in various sizes; the circular Holder is 10”D x 7”H. Both versions feature a snap-sealing, locking, transparent cover; and the circular Holder features a rotating, 360-degree Lazy Susan base which makes it easy to rotate the cake for cutting. The covers are designed to protect and seal the cake. They are molded with multiple, regularly-spaced recesses for the butt ends of cake candle with space in the middle of a name or label. The user simply places the candles as desired in the wells of the cover, then lights the candles to be blown in the customary fashion. Because the cover is transparent, everyone can enjoy the cake's decoration as the candles are blown out. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Cake Cover Candle Holder-CCCH.
The Cake Cover Candle Holder - CCCH is Patent Pending and was invented by Charles Griffin of Inglewood, CA who said, “It makes for a real celebration when viewing an honored guest blowing out sparkling candles yet knowing the cake on which the candles are lit is clear of candle wax or other germs reaching the cake itself. It prevents person-to-cake and person-to-person transmission of germs, it keeps insects, dust, and other contaminants off the cake while still making it easy to transport and store. It works perfectly.”

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