"The Cam Plus": Gives Phones Added Photography Features

​The Cam Plus will add an additional camera lens and LED flash to the top left side edge of a smartphone. It will add the ability to take pictures and videos at a variety of angles, even upward towards the sky without the glare of the sun on the screen or in your eyes. Capturing unrehearsed images without the subject's knowledge, the Cam Plus would be ideal for candid photography and videography where discretion is key. In addition to taking true candid pictures or video, the Cam Plus will also allow users to easily take upward angled pictures, such as looking at a skyscraper, without having to look up into the glare of the sun. You would simply aim the top edge of the phone upward and view the image on your screen.

The Cam Plus will include software permitting the user to select the top edge camera, zoom, still, and video functions; and to choose whether to display images on the viewing screen at time of framing and capture. With the Cam Plus equipped smart phone, then, only the photographer would know they were taking a picture or filming a video. It will also allow for wider angle pictures and video. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Cam Plus.
ThePatent Pending Cam Plus was invented by Arturo Valentin of Bronx, NY who said, “This Cam Plus would be perfect for someone wanting to take pictures discreetly, such as a detective, or someone who wants to photograph a celebrity. Cam Plus works in all situations.”

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