"The Cannonpy": Is a Two-in-One Backpack That Keeps Wearer Dry and Moves Articles With Ease

The Cannonpy is a specially designed backpack featuring an integrated and easily accessed umbrella. The design intent is to provide those utilizing a backpack with an effective, hands-free means of staying comfortable and dry when walking, whether in the sun, rain, or snow. An alternate, water- and fire-proof version of The Cannonpy is also designed to hold tools and supplies for service technicians.

The Cannonpy backpack and umbrella are manufactured in various vibrant colors, designs, and neutral black, gray or beige and comes in a large range of sizes. An alternate version of The Cannonpy has a reinforced umbrella canopy that accommodates high altitudes to be utilized by those who work on utility poles that accommodate electric, telephone or cable lines. The backpack looks like a standard backpack and is made with reinforced and weather-resistant material. On the back of the unit are two adjustable shoulder straps designed for easy transport. The backpack has an ample number of cargo compartments - large and small – each boasting sturdy zipper closures. The second component is the umbrella itself with a water-resistant canopy held open over the user’s head via a series of expandable rods. These rods are integrally attached to the umbrella’s central hub and opened and closed by way of a simple release mechanism on the umbrella's handle-like shaft. This cleverly designed umbrella is attached to the backpack and housed within one of the backpack's compartments. A simple push-button release mechanism positioned in an easily accessed area on the top of the pack. A USB charging port, water bag and water hose are also featured and the pack also includes a waist strap for added stability when wearing the unit. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Cannonpy. 
The Cannonpy is Patent Pending and was invented by Kim Cannon and Roger Pierce of Philadelphia, PA who said, “This backpack does everything one could ever wish for. Students, adults, professionals and service techs will all benefit from using it in their daily life. It protects the wearer and backpack contents keeping everything neat, clean and dry. It is also perfect for hikers and camping participants. It works.”

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