"The Car Solar Fan": Heat or Cool a Car Without Using the Battery

​The Car Solar Fan is a fan run by solar power that will have the ability to heat or cool any motor vehicle while the engine is turned off and the driver is away. It would get its energy to operate from the sun rather than from the vehicle battery. The Car Solar Fan would not cost anything to operate, but will provide a high level of comfort whatever the weather. The solar panels that power The Car Solar Fan could be situated in the roof, or on the dashboard of the vehicle. A thermostat activated switch located within the vehicle interior, perhaps in the headliner, will be set at perhaps 80 degrees F, so that when the interior of the vehicle reaches 80 degrees, the thermostat will active The Car Solar Fan.

The Car Solar Fan could also be used to heat the vehicle in the winter weather. The thermostat might be set at 60 degrees, so that if the interior falls below that temperature, the Car Solar Fan's heating element will be activated. This system could be incorporated into the design and production of new vehicles, or could be offered as an aftermarket accessory. As one added benefit, The Car Solar Fan could also be used to recharge the vehicle battery if necessary. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Car Solar Fan.

The Patent Pending Car Solar Fan was invented by Jack Jacob of Lakewood, NJ who said, “Because The Car Solar Fan will operate as both a cooling and heating system, the owner will be assured that any passenger or pet left waiting in the vehicle will be comfortable and safe in cold or hot weather.”

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