"The Car Windshield Sunlight Protection": Looks Great and Smells Good Too While Keeping UV Rays at Bay

​Shading from the direct rays of the sun can be a job when trying to protect the interior of one’s car. Many of the sunshades you see fold and crumple up doing little of the job they were purchased to handle. This is not the case when using the Car Windshield Sunlight Protection. It is a retractable, roll-up scented windshield shade for all types of vehicles featuring many attractive and appealing designs and images. It will be permanently mounted and far easier to use than the vehicle windshield shades in the marketplace today. 

This product is a retractable, roll-up interior sun screen mounted permanently to the vehicle’s dashboard at the base of the windshield.  The shade itself will be pulled upward and secured to the top interior of the windshield.  It is contained within a spring-loaded ratcheting-mechanism similar to a rollup window shade. The shade is flexible, durable, and is UV-resistant; the outer surface of the shade is offered in a variety of colors, designs and pictorial images of forest scenes, flowers and other pleasing images. Consumers also have the option of choosing from various long-lasting air freshening agents impregnated within the shade. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Car Windshield Sunlight Protection.
The Patent Pending Car Windshield Sunlight Protection was invented by Douglas Perez of Houston, TX who said, “My product will lower the temperature of the car interior while also protecting it from drying out leather and other materials. Not only that, the Car Windshield Sunlight Protection smells good and looks even better from the outside. It works as a sun blocker like a mini shade when pulled up but it looks great whether up or down.”

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