"The Carrier On Wheels": A Specially Designed Car Seat

"The Carrier on Wheels" moves baby from car seat to street with ease and comfort.

Parents and caregivers are always particularly alert in how to place the infant in their charge properly into a car seat. Now there is a product which makes traveling with a child, whether an infant or a toddler the perfect device. The Carrier on Wheels is a specially designed car seat featuring retractable legs and wheels that are integrally attached to the base of the car seat. The unit features a fully adjustable and extendable handle. The design intent of the Carrier on Wheels is to provide consumers traveling with a fully functioning car seat that can be easily converted into a stroller-like device for use in comfortably and easily transport the child.

Carrier on Wheels is similar in appearance, design and function to a standard carrier-style car seat with basic car features including the three point harness. What sets it apart from the standard types is found in the wheel assemblies and adjustable handle incorporated into the design of the seat. He four wheels and legs fold flush and lock into position when not in use. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Carrier on Wheels.

The Patent Pending Carrier on Wheels was invented by Timothy Venable of Camden, NJ who said, “ The ability to properly care for a child as an infant or a toddler is a blessing but also requires effort by the parent or caregiver. The Carrier on Wheels is unique in that it need not be carried by hand as the traditional car carrier requires. but can be rolled to wherever one is going. It works!”

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