"The Cell All": A Portable and Stylish Carrying Case

Invents introduces "The Cell All" which organizes, secures and protects one's valuable cellular phone.

​The ability to handle everything that may be needed with a cellular phone can create havoc in a briefcase, handbag, or backpack and no pocket can contain all the items along with the phone. That problem is quickly solved when using The Cell All. This is a portable and stylish carrying case configured expressly for a cellular telephone and accessories such as a cell phone charger and adapter cord. The design intent of The Cell All is to provide consumers a sleek and secure means of storing and protecting expensive cellular equipment.

The Cell All comes in various sizes in order to accommodate all standard cell phone sizes and styles and is available in numerous colors and designs. The Cell All carrying case is able to hold a cellphone, battery, charger and a cellphone cord inside and the inside cable pouches are held shut with Velcro®. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Cell All.

The Patent Pending Cell All was invented by Britt Williams-Nelson of Phoenix, IL who said, “This is a perfect storage device securing a user's main means of communication—a cell phone. It ends twisted and contorted cords and keeps the charger easily accessible when needed. One can also keep credit cards, id cards or cash secured inside The Cell All. It comes in either zipper closures or flap styles, both of which seal the compartments closed when not in use. It works for all genders & ages.”

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