"The Cell Phone Accessory Tool": A Portable Tool Kit for Use in Accessing and Removing Cases

Invents introduces "The Cell Phone Accessory Tool" which supplies easy access to "fix" and "protect" vital wireless communication.

​Virtually every cell phone user, at one time or another, has purchased a new protective case for their cellular phone. The case can be simple and easy to install but sometimes removing it can be a real hassle. The Cell Phone Accessory Tool is a portable tool kit featuring specialized implements for use in accessing and removing cases. The design intent of this unique tool can also be employed to easily access a phone's SIM card, battery and other components.

Accessibility to certain electronic products can be a real challenge and this is always true of the wireless cell phone used by everyone today. The Cell Phone Accessory Tool is the perfect tool to remove accessories without damage. The flat side serves as a sticker remover and a battery cover remover. The pointy side serves as a SIM card or memory card remover. The kit also includes a tweezers for removing or inserting small accessories. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Cell Phone Accessory Tool.

The Patent Pending Cell Phone Accessory Tool was invented by Carlos Miguel McBeath of Harvey, IL who said, “Many cell phone owners have accessories attached to their phone and then find it difficult to remove these items at a later time without damaging the phone. This tool kit will remove accessories off your cellphone without damage. The case removal tool is a key component of the kit however each tool has its own special use. After doing necessary maintenance or routine repairs the implements are kept in their storage case for future needs.”

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