"The Cell Phone Pocket/Shield": Protects From Would-Be Electronic Thieves While Keeping Phone Clean and Dry

​The Cell Phone Pocket/Shield is a line of multi-purpose casings for smartphones, tablets, credit cards, and identification cards designed to protect expensive devices from exposure to potentially damaging elements. Lined with radio frequency identity (RFID) blockers and featuring easily inserted frequency/signal blocking cards, the design intent is to provide a state-of-the-art preventive measure against identity theft, unauthorized access to one's phone and credit cards and help block signal saturation to the skin and body while maintaining the integrity of the equipment. The unit is designed for ease in operation for both right- or left-handed individuals.

The rectangular Cell Phone Pocket/Shield features a smooth microfiber interior and contains an adjustable strap, belt loop; an interior pocket appropriate for housing a cell phone, along with items such as credit/debit cards; and an outer pocket for housing identification cards, passports, and cash. Both pockets feature a zipper closure for security and easy access. A standard Cell Phone Pocket/Shield case is approximately 6½” L x 3½” W x 7/8” in thickness with the outer pocket offering dimensions of 4½” L x 2¾” W and 5/8” in thickness. It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate almost any smartphone in the marketplace. Cases are also created for various tablet computer models. Each unit offers a simulated, leather shield that lines the entire exterior and shields every item contained. Since RFID tags can be read from as much as 30’ away, the sheathing ensures that scanning equipment is thwarted preventing users from becoming victims of crime. In addition, frequency/signal blocking cards can be inserted in the pocket to block unauthorized access. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Cell Phone Pocket/Shield.
The Patent Pending Cell Phone Pocket/Shield was invented by Jose Gomez of Anaheim, CA who said, “The unit is fashionable and attractive while providing a user with protection against financial and identity theft.  It guards against high-tech attempts to swipe information found on RFID tags and gives peace of mind to the user. It works.”

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