"The Cell Tablet": Provides Two New Devices in One Perfect Package

Technology is amazing and surprises most of us every single day. In this case technology has produced an even more friendly-user device. The Cell Tablet is a cellular smartphone and tablet computer cleverly combined into one convenient pocket-size unit. Easily portable and tripling in size when expanded from a smartphone to a tablet, the design intent is to provide consumers with the advantages of both units without the need to purchase and manage separate electronic devices.

While standard smartphones already perform essentially the same features as tablets, the concept behind the Cell Tablet is to offer one simple unit that can expand, or retract, into either device. To achieve this, the product is presented as a handheld unit about the size of an average smartphone, perhaps slightly larger and the face of the device offers a touchscreen. The Cell Tablet boasts two additional screens, tucked one of top the other, underneath the main screen. These screens simply extend outward to form a triptych when one wishes to use the device as a tablet; as such, the available screen area is instantly tripled in size. Should the device ring to announce an incoming phone call when one is searching the internet via the extended screens, the user need only replace the extra screens--- accept the call---and place the compacted device to the ear. Alternately, the phone call can be answered on speaker with the unit remaining in the tablet configuration. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Cell Tablet.
The Cell Tablet is Patent Pending and was invented by Scott Alexander of Chicago, IL who said, “The cell phone and the tablet are currently two of the most popular consumer items. By outfitting a phone sized device with additional collapsible screens, the Cell Tablet provides an instant tablet that can be carried in a pocket or handbag. It is fully functional as a phone and ready to accommodate communication needs.  This two-in-one unit eliminates the need to own and carry separate devices. It works perfectly.”

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