'The Chair Saver': Serves User's Needs and Increases Life of Furniture

Comfort and cleanliness is the name of the game for everyone. Those two items are perfected when utilizing this new device. The Chair Saver is an air or gel filled cushiony bag, specially designed for attachment to the arm of a chair or sofa. Useful in the home for extending the life of chairs and couches, or used while traveling, the design intent is to provide a practical accessory that protects the integrity of furniture while facilitating comfort. Taken along while on-the-go, the Chair Saver would also serve as a protective barrier, preventing dirt and germs from encountering one's arm while using armrests in public vicinities, on public transportation, and at home.

The Chair Saver is a line of cushions specially designed for placement on the arms of chairs, such as recliners, easy chairs, loveseats, and sofas, as well as on the arms of chairs in public places including use on public transportation. As such the units protect these areas from wear and soil while also offering a soft, comfortable area for resting one's arms when seated. This also offers protection for one's arm from any lingering germs that may be on an armrest. Each Chair Saver is rectangular and features a soft fabric covering. A rubberized outer coat houses a gel type material providing cushiony support. The Chair Saver is also available as an inflatable unit. Fashionably decorative it comes in a wide variety of different styles and patterns ranging from neutral or colorful solids, bold stripes, soft pastels including artistic themes. To facilitate attachment to chairs, the Chair Saver has strips of the hook and loop system. The Chair Saver comes in pairs to accommodate each chair arm. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Chair Saver.

The Chair Saver is Patent Pending and was invented by Edward King of Oak Forest, IL who said, “The Chair Saver literally extends the life of chairs/couches and similar furniture by eliminating the dirty wear that results in premature replacement of expensive furniture. A creative fusion of design and comfort, the Chair Saver provides aesthetic appeal in addition to its practical use. It also is portable and works when one is traveling. But, wherever its use is needed, it works.”

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