"The Chest Collar": A Business-Like Accessory to Perfectly Protect Vital Items

Keeping warm outdoors in cold weather can be a laborious but a vital task. There is now a new style that helps the body stay warm but is fashionable at the same time. The Chest Collar is a pocketed accessory for winter wear – a turtleneck-style chest and neck cover, or bib-like turtleneck, configured to be worn under sweaters, coats, and jackets. Protecting the neck and chest from the cold and offering a handy center pocket for one's cell phone, while conveying the appearance of a turtleneck shirt, the Chest Collar will provide winter warmth, a convenient cell phone pocket, and unique personal style to women, men, and children. It is the perfect gift for a loved one who walks during winter weather---whether to work, to visit, to shop, or even to walk the dog.

The Chest Collar is produced in thick and cozy knit fabrics ranging from 100-percent cotton to polyester fleece, to wool and wool/polyester blends and comes in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit boys and girls and adult men and women. It is essentially a bib, squared at the top and tapered at the bottom covering the entire chest and the upper abdomen. The Chest Collar features a built-in smartphone pocket for easy access and the collar of the unit is an elasticized, comfortable and cozy turtleneck that features a loop-and-button closure in the back at the middle of the neck. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Chest Collar.
The Chest Collar is Patent Pending and was invented by Angela Jones and Therron Jones of Aurora, IL who said, “We understand cold weather and the need to keep warm when outdoors. The Chest Collar is far better than a scarf because the protection extends around the neck and down the front of the chest. It looks great and is easy to remove should the weather warm up. It is effective and stylish and it works.”

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