"The Child Awareness Band or C.A.B.": Care System & Equipment for Swift Recovery of Missing Toddler

Unless one has been faced with a missing youngster the anxiety, fear and frustration remains a missing emotion. But, when a toddler or a beloved elder family member or even a four-legged fur baby are not immediately at hand, that fear is captured and terrifying. This new device will help avoid that situation. The Child Awareness Band, Care System & Equipment is a multifaceted monitoring system, with a wearable GPS transmitter featuring audio/video capabilities, communicating with a receiving monitor for locating lost or missing children, adults, and pets. The design intent is to assist consumers (and authorities) should their children, loved ones, or animals wander away from them or become lost or abducted and helps to keep them safe and easily found.

This is a two-part, battery-powered system consisting of a wearable transmitter for the child, senior or pet and a portable receiver unit, comparable in size to a cellular phone, and easily carried on the person, or comfortably held in the hand. A small, flat, rectangular home version of this receiver can be easily stored on a countertop or similar flat surface area, and feature audio and visual alerts, is also available and operates via electrical power. The transmitter unit is a compact, rectangular shaped device, comparable in size to a watch face, encased within a weather-resistant and ultra-thin housing mounted to a wearable wrist band. The fully adjustable wrist band is offered in a range of sizes for wear by children or adults. Versions of the transmitter for wear by pets is incorporated into the design of a pet collar. Housed within the base of the transmitter unit is a lithium battery, while the front of the device features an integrated alert button that can be activated in the event of an emergency and, when depressed, automatically activates the tracking system. In the event the wearer is incapacitated or otherwise unable to activate this tracking system, the Child Awareness Band can be configured to be activated remotely via the companion receiver at any time. The transmitter includes GPS software, a wireless transmitter, and audio/video capabilities. The synched receiver consists of a tuned frequency, receiver circuit and audible alarm. This receiver also features an integrated light source that flashes when the transmitter has been activated and is in use. An LCD panel displays the location of the wearer of the transmitter via a sophisticated electronic mapping system. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Child Awareness Band Care System & Equipment.

The Child Awareness Band Care System & Equipment is Patent Pending and was invented by Harold Cook of Englewood, CA who said, “The ability to stay aware of the location of your child is a vital part of being a good parent/caregiver. This device works equally well for the elder member of a family who might become disoriented and disappear and it works just as well for a beloved pet. Unfortunately, there are devious people who are predators. The C.A.B. allows a child to be pinpointed immediately and safely and quickly recovered. It works.”

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