"The Child Microchip Tracker": Gives Parents Peace of Mind and Ability to Locate the Child

​Attention parents! Being on guard for the wellbeing and safety of a child is a vital part of parenting and a missing child is feared by all parents. There is a device that tracks the location of a lost or abducted child from infancy onwards. The Child Microchip Tracker is a GPS enabled, electronic monitoring system implant to be placed inside children at the time of birth. The design intent is to provide a technologically advanced way to quickly and efficiently track the location of a lost or abducted child using a corresponding software app to rescue them from dangerous situations.

This device, with its GPS technology, monitors the specific whereabouts of a child. It is safely implanted into a newborn infant by a medical professional. The implant is a small, thin oval transmitter measuring approximately 1” L x 1.5 cm in width. Each microchip contains a unique registration number that is input into a software application (app) and downloaded into a smartphone or other device. Once activated, the app utilizes the device's LCD screen to graphically display the whereabouts of the missing child, pinpointing the exact location anywhere on earth. As with standard GPS systems, the receiver will not only place the child on a map at a location, it traces the path across the map as the child moves. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Child Microchip Tracker.  
The Patent Pending Child Microchip Tracker was invented by Mathew & Ashley Reinoso of Castaic, CA who said, “This immediately allows parents and law enforcement to locate the whereabouts of a child.  It is anticipated that widespread knowledge of this device will discourage potential pedophiles and kidnappers. Parental peace of mind and child safety is the objective.”

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