"The Child's Car Seat Alarm": Alerts a Distracted Driver That Infant or Toddler Is Still in the Car

​The safety of a child is an important factor every parent is concerned with and when an infant is sound asleep in a car seat this new device serves as reminder to retrieve the child when leaving the vehicle. The Child’s Car Seat Alarm is an alarm system for automobile which, when triggered, emits an audible alarm that reminds the user to retrieve their infant or toddler prior to exiting the vehicle. It is offered as an aftermarket accessory and as an integrated feature on newly manufactured vehicles. The design intent is to provide parents and caregivers with an audible alert every time one attempts to exit the vehicle while a child’s safety belt is still buckled, thus preventing accidental tragedies that can result when a child is mistakenly left in a vehicle.                                                                                                          
The Child’s Car Seat Alarm is basically a transmitting and receiving system that alerts the motorist to the presence of a child within the vehicle. In the aftermarket version it is comprised of a specially configured alarm to be installed on the base or rear of the child’s car seat with the alarm featuring a corresponding sensor/transmitter mechanism that is installed on the harness of the seat belt. When a user is preparing to leave the vehicle the alarm is triggered when the ignition is turned off or the driver door is opened.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Child’s Car Seat Alarm.
The Patent Pending Child’s Car Seat Alarm was invented by George and Elzbieta Biesaga, formerly of Rancho Cucamonga, CA and now of Fountain Inn, SC, who said, “This prevents the possibility of forgetting one has a child in the car seat. Whether the outdoor temperature is high or low and freezing, a youngster left in a vehicle for a short time is in danger.  It also ends the possibility of a stranger taking the youngster from the car.  Best of all it works.”

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