"The Chill Box": A Wheeled, Insulated, LED Lighted, Solar Powered Cooler

Invents unveils "The Chill Box" which changes the perception of outdoor activities with its versatility.

​Traveling to a public park, a trip to the beach or to the higher elevations during a camping outing usually requires a cooler to contain snacks and beverages. However, this can be a difficult feat on certain types of ground such as heavy grass or sand.  The Chill Box is a wheeled, insulated, LED lighted picnic-beach-mountain or camping ice-chest cooler powered by a solar cell and rechargeable batteries offering users a full-featured, premium quality audio system with satellite connection for portable use.  The design intent of The Chill Box is to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a consolidated, multi-functional and dependable portable cooler that doubles as a versatile music system.

The Chill Box is also unusual in that can be pulled or pushed in dolly-fashion because of the two heavy duty rubber wheels and pull out fold down handle. The hinged lid features four to six recessed drink-holders on the top side with a handy bottle-opener on the underside. The interior of The Chill Box has removable dividers along with a series of LED lights that enable one to easily see what is inside regardless of the outside environment. The drain spout permits the draining of melt-water, keeping the interior cold but dry.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Chill Box.
The Patent Pending Chill Box was invented by Mark Aranda of Ontario, CA who said “This solar-powered entertainment system is the answer to anyone wanting to spend quality time in outdoor recreational activities. The number of benefits are numerous and include auxiliary power, a docking station for iPhones and iPods, a USB cord and jack and much more. It is Bluetooth-compatible and features a WiFi connection. It is made to fit a variety of consumer tastes and works perfectly.”

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