The Christmas Tree Picture Mat

The Christmas Tree Picture Mat allows the user to personalize his/her Christmas skirt with their own selected phototgraphs or pictures.

The Christmas Tree Picture Mat is a festive Christmas Tree skirt made with clear slots for displaying family photographs, or Christmas cards. It is designed to provide users with an attractive, thoughtful means of personalizing their holiday decorations. It is designed to fit around the base of the conventional Christmas Tree, and would feature an inner circular center.

The unique feature whicch sets this Christmas Tree Picture Mat apart from the common tree skirt is found in its display components. Pockets spaced evenly around the center of the unit would hold family photographs. The pockets could be in a variety of different sizes to hold pictures, or Christmas cards. The mat would provide the perfect festive adornment for any Christmas tree. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Christmas Tree Picture Mat.

The Patent Pending Christmas Tree Picture Mat was invented by Miriam Lopez, of Plainfield, NJ, who said, "This would be a wonderful gift for family, friends, or an office exchange. It would provide individuals with a simple way in which to add a little fun and charm to their Christmas Tree. It is a holiday accessory you and your family will all appreciate. Best of all, it works perfectly to personalize the mat for every user."

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