"The Clean Pan": A Line Of Specially Designed Heat-Resistant Disposable Liners For Frying Pans

"The Clean Pan" provides safer food, protects costly pans, and is a green 100% recyclable product.

Keeping pots and plans clean and free of spots, blemishes and even grease can be a nasty job. However, it is not so difficult when using the new Clean Pan. This is a line of specially designed heat-resistant disposable liners for frying pans which make life easier for the dishwasher in every kitchen. The design intent of the line is to provide users with a kitchen accessory that facilitates the cooking of food items without damaging nonstick and other cookware while also alleviating arduous cleanup tasks. The possibilities for commercial use includes: food stands, food trucks and hotel breakfast buffets, all of which highlight the speed of use and unmixed food. Secondly, the Clean Pan is perfect for those in busy lifestyles such as for those living in student dorms. And even more so, The Clean Pan is perfect for outdoor use when camping; cleaning is made easier because no water is needed to wash the pan. Finally, The Clean Pan is healthier because no damage is caused during cleaning and thus no Teflon® chips from pan get mixed into the food.

The Clean Pan has a one-time-use that serves to protect the surface of cookware during preparation and eliminates time consuming cleanup too. The liners feature durable heat resistant aluminum foil material and the sides of each Clean Pan can also be outfitted with a pliable flap to facilitate a secure attachment to any skillet or pan. The sizes are available in seven, ten, and twelve inch diameters with a one inch depth. The Clean Pan accommodates the interior surface and walls of various sized pans. The Clean Pan is a green product and 100% recyclable. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Clean Pan.

The Patent Pending Clean Pan was invented by Abdulaziz Alahmari of Burbank, CA who said, “The Clean Pan line of specially designed heat-resistant disposable liners for frying pans is a protective surface for costly Teflon pans. Once a person has used a product from this special line, they will never again be without it. Teflon pans will never be safer. Clean Pan works perfectly!”

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