"The Clean Sweep Wiper Cover": Extend the Life of Wipers by Covering Them With This Unique New Device

​Living in a cold, snowy climate can make it hard to keep your wipers in good condition. The Clean Sweep Wiper Cover will extend the life of your wipers. It is a line of waterproof, weatherproof, nonstick, insulated sheathes designed to cover and protect your wiper blades during cold weather conditions, as well as minimizing the time the wipers are exposed to this weather. They are designed to prevent frost, snow, and ice from building up and hindering the operation of wipers during inclement weather.

The Clean Sweep Wiper Cover will be made of durable foam rubber interior to ensure optimal insulation, and will have a waterproof, Teflon coated exterior to prevent corrosion, sticking or other damage. Each cover will feature a handy snap closure made of flexible plastic or metal material that can withstand the elements. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Clean Sweep Wiper Cover.

The Clean Sweep Wiper Cover was invented by Jeffrey Wade of Medford, NY who said, “Cold, icy weather is very hard on automotive windshield wipers. This product will extend the life of the wipers by protecting them during harsh weather conditions. The Clean Sweep Wiper Cover works!”   The Clean Sweep Wiper Cover was awarded Patent Pending status by the USPTO and a Utility Patent has also been filed.
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Source: Invents Company


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