"The Clean Toothbrush Holder": Provides Proper Care and Cleanliness in Bathroom Setting

​Oral hygiene is vital to one’s health. However sometimes germs and bacteria are even in the making it important to properly care for a toothbrush. When using this new device one can be assured of good oral health.  The Clean Toothbrush Holder is a protective, sanitary, countertop holder designed to suspend and protect four toothbrushes keeping them dry and hygienic. The Clean Toothbrush Holder features a hinged cap to cover and shield the toothbrush heads and an open-air, handle stand with drainage holes beneath each brush handle. The design intent is to allow excess water to drain away from the toothbrush completely, keeping the entire brush clean, dry---out of sitting water and free of germs and bacteria.

The Clean Toothbrush Holder is fabricated of an injection-molded thermoplastic or a glazed-and-fired ceramic. It features a dome-shaped base ensuring water droplets will drain off the brush and onto the counter for easy cleaning. The bottom of the base is finished with a no-slip rubber coating for stability. A cylindrical tube rises from the base supporting a pair of oblong platforms – one nearer the bottom, and the other at the top. The top platform features four openings to hold the brushes with the bristle head resting above the opening and the bottom of the handle rests on the lower platform in a corresponding opening. The Clean Toothbrush Holder holds four toothbrushes. A form-fitting, dome-shaped, hinged cover snaps over and onto the top platform also protecting the head and bristles from airborne bacteria. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Clean Toothbrush Holder.
The Patent Pending Clean Toothbrush Holder was invented by Dalila Reid and Tiffany Reid of Canoga Park, CA who said, “This unit keeps the toothbrush head suspended and covered. The Clean Toothbrush Holder maintains drainage for the bristles and eliminates the water accumulation typically found in traditional toothbrush holders. Better yet, the cover prevents airborne contaminants. It works.”

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