"The Colored Circuit Breaker System": Fast and Easy Identification of Vital Circuits for Owner or Electrician

Even if one is a professional electrician, the circuit breaker panel can present a nightmare. That situation changes because this new product provides perfect identification. The Colored Circuit Breaker System is a coloring system for any existing and/or new circuit breaker panel – that uses specific coded colors, at the point of manufacture to identify individual circuits and breakers and easily identifying which breaker goes to which component. Making it quick and easy to identify important circuits – and working with the same color-code now widely used with electrical conduit (or chosen by the consumer) – the Colored Circuit Breaker System should appeal strongly to electricians and household consumers, as well as to commercial and institutional establishments. Color coded stickers would also be offered to quickly identify existing breakers until the new Colored Circuit Breaker System is installed.

The Colored Circuit Breaker System complements the use of color-coded electrical conduit in wiring applications by extending the color-coding currently in use to the circuit breaker box and the individual breakers within it. Thus, the Colored Circuit Breaker System are incorporated into the design and production of new breakers and boxes, with circuit breakers molded in the various identifying colors at the point of manufacture. Color-coded, adhesive-backed stickers for existing individual breakers are included until the new Colored Circuit Breaker System is installed. At present, colored conduit is coded for use in the following manner: Orange: Construction, Research Areas; Fiber Optic Systems; Auto Repair/Maintenance; Green: Hospital and Healthcare Areas; Nurse Call Stations; Critical Circuits; Purple: Specialty Wiring Systems; Security Systems; Red:  Emergency Circuits: Fire Alarm and Security Systems Yellow: High Voltage Wiring; Caution Areas; Special Equipment; Blue: Low Voltage Wiring; Data, Communications/Video; Network Security. Black and White conduit are used in the color-coded system for their ability to blend inconspicuously in either dark or light places. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Colored Circuit Breaker System.
The Colored Circuit Breaker System is Patent Pending and was invented by Brian Schofield of Huntley, IL who said, “Color coding works for all ages—remember, teachers use it with students—and now it works in other vital areas. It provides easy location of various circuits in any main panel and operates the same as the existing boxes but enables swift recognition of various circuits enabling replacement when necessary. The Colored Circuit Breaker System is code-compliant and as various jurisdictions incorporate the color-coding into their building and electrical codes, homeowners and building owners would need to upgrade their systems to meet the codes, which also applies to new construction. It works.”

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