"The Commuter Bib": A Disposable Dining Bib With a Cleverly Incorporated Food Catching Pouch

Invents introduces "The Commuter Bib" makes clothing cleanliness easy when using this covering while eating and driving.

​The Merriman-Webster online dictionary describes commuter as: 1) a person who commutes (as between a suburb and a city) and 2) a small airline that carries passengers relatively short distances on a regular schedule. Number 1 is the case in point.  The new Commuter Bib is a disposable dining bib with a cleverly incorporated food catching pouch designed to protect the clothing of the user from spills and stains while eating or drinking when traveling to or from work or other places. There is no arguing the fact that eating and drinking while in a vehicle can make one big mess. The Commuter Bib is not just a product to keep your clothing neat and clean, it fits perfectly underneath a shoulder and or lap belt and will not disrupt the secure attachment of safety belts.

The Commuter Bib is the perfect answer for those who are on the go and by necessity need to eat and drink while driving. Since it is a disposable unit, it alleviates messy spills inside the vehicle too. The number of colors and designs, as well as natural hues, make this a perfect advertising blurb for the various fast food/restaurant facilities that offer them to the consumer along with the take-out food and beverage. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Commuter Bib.

The Patent Pending Commuter Bib was invented by Dr. Terry Haugh of Costa Mesa, CA who said, “This works for users on buses, trains, automobile’s and even on planes. It can be personalized making it even more useful to the various businesses and although one or more logos could be added it changes nothing to the value of the bib itself.  Accidental spills will no longer be a traumatic event when wearing the Commuter Bib.”

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