"The Cool Beach Chair": Cool Off at the Beach Without Going Into the Water

Sometimes people want to go to the beach, but not in the water. The Cool Beach Chair offers a unique solution to this problem in a refillable water reservoir held within a compartmented backpack that offers storage along with a maneuverable, misting shower head. It is designed to keep a user cool in the hot sun with a refreshing spray mist. The Cool Beach Chair would be designed like other folding chaise loungers, and would feature two molded plastic arm rests that will have a cup holder made into each one. The unique feature would be the cooling system that consists of a water reservoir that is mounted to the rear of the chair back via a zippered storage pouch or backpack. This is removable and can hold many other items inside, such as cell phones, and sunglasses, etc. There will be a flexible plastic tube or hose, and a misting, multi-position shower head attached.

This Cool Beach Chair is perfect for sun worshipers who want to tan and not bake in the sun's rays in summertime. The shower function of the chair will deliver via a squeeze activated trigger style pump, a cool mist of water to cover your entire body or just your upper body and head. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Cool Beach Chair.

The Patent Pending Cool Beach Chair was invented by Elizabeth Franqui of Bronx, NY who said, "I enjoy going to the beach without getting in the water sometimes. It gets very hot there, and this is a perfect solution to cool off. It is also a very good solution for use in your own yard on the patio."

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