"The Cool Seat & Cooler": Is a Specialty Automotive Product for "HOT" Geographic Locations

The Cool Seat & Cooler is a foam or gel-filled automobile seat cushion, with removable cover, specially designed to immediately cool down the extreme temperatures absorbed by car seats when vehicles are parked in sunlit areas. The design intent is to provide a simple and effective means of quickly cooling the seat area on hot summer days, so they can travel in stress-free comfort. This product can be refrigerated or frozen before use, and can also be folded down into a box cooler to keep drink and food items cold.

Similar in appearance to typical seat covers that protect interiors from dirt accumulation, the Cool Seat & Cooler fits over the entire surface of a driver or passenger seat. It is machine washable with the outer covering having a zipper-accessed interior that houses a plethora of silicone gel or memory foam packs. These smaller compartments (compartment measurements vary) allow the unit to be flexible and comfortable.  Placing a unit in the refrigerator or freezer allows the gel packs to turn cool and/or freeze. When ready to drive simply place a Cool Seat onto the auto's seat and secure it to the headrest with a hook and loop system. As such, the back and seat areas are cool on the back, buttocks, and legs and the scorching temperature of leather and vinyl seats is reduced in a matter of seconds. The Cool Seat & Cooler also serves another practical purpose.  It can fold into an enclosed, food and drink storage container and easily compress into a box-like unit with outer walls and interior dividers made exclusively of the interconnected, compartmented frozen gel packs. In this fashion, sandwiches, desserts, water, and sodas can be placed inside the product for an instant cooler that stays cold for hours. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Cool Seat & Cooler. 
The Cool Seat & Cooler is Patent Pending and was invented by Gustavo Valencia Lopez of Santa Ana, CA who said, “This product offers motorists an effective way to personally keep cool while in the vehicle while also keeping picnic/food/beverage products cool and ready to eat or drink. It renders the car seats and automotive interior comfortable even on the most sweltering of hot days. It works.”

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