"The Cozie Comfi": A Specially Designed Baby Blanket With Heating Coils That Warm The Surface Of The Blanket

A better baby blanket, "The Cozie Comfi" keeps a child warm and toasty during the cold, winter months.

During cold weather, parents and caregivers usually protect their child from the elements with the traditional baby blanket. Now there is a better alternative – the Cozie Comfi. A specially designed baby blanket, the Cozie Comfi has integrated heating coils that warm the surface of the blanket to a cozy, safe temperature, keeping a child warm and comfortable during cold weather. It can be used to cover a child seated in a car seat or it can be placed in an infant carrier when taking quick trips to the store. During emergency situations, it keeps the child safely protected from the cold until help arrives. Offered in a variety of vibrant colors and charming printed designs, the Cozie Comfi is manufactured in accordance to the stringent guidelines for child care products as set forth by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Cozie Comfi.

The Patent Pending Cozie Comfi was invented by Bardella Wilson of San Bernardino, CA, who said, “The Cozie Comfi is manufactured primarily of a cushiony soft and flame-resistant material, such as padded cotton, quilted fleece, flannel or nylon, to name a few options. Comparable in size and shape to traditional infant blankets, the Cozie Comfi has electronic components that serve to heat the surface of the blanket to a toasty warm, yet safe, temperature. Similar to an electric blanket, there are a series of shock resistant and waterproof thermal heating elements sandwiched within an insulated cushiony soft cotton pad. These wires traverses the surface of the blanket completely, ensuring all areas of the blanket are warmed. When activated, the temperature of the thermal wires quickly rise, warming the fabric of the blanket to a warm temperature, not to exceed 78 degrees. Additionally, an integrated heart-shaped padded device emits the sound of a mother's heartbeat, further comforting the child.”

The inventor added, “Power is supplied by a rechargeable battery pack housed in a dedicated sleeve incorporated into the design of the blanket. Included is a removable charger cord that operates on conventional 110 volt, 60 hertz power and an adapter cord for plugging the blanket into a vehicle outlet port to charge the blanket when on the go.”

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