"The D and a Level": An Enhanced Leveling Device

Invents unveils "The D And A Level" which provides the perfect "whiskey stick" for total accuracy when building a straight and even base.

​Conventional/traditional tools do not always meet the needs of the users. Such is the case when accurate readings are vitally important. The new D and A Level is an enhanced leveling device designed with the intent to provide a hands-free means of determining measurements and levels as opposed to conventional type tools. This device goes beyond the common level by incorporating a mechanism that gives the user accurate readings or outages. In addition to indicating levels, the D and A Level eliminates the need to wrestle with tape measures, shims, or any other additional tools.

The D And A Level is a user-friendly way to achieve straight accurate planes in virtually any leveling job. It is similar to standard levels but is fabricated of durable plastic material. The exterior of the unit features a length of magnetic strip to facilitate placement of the unit and in addition, a sliding on/off switch is located on the top panel of the unit. Power to the D and A Level is provided by an internally encased battery such as standard AA batteries. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the D and A Level.

The Patent Pending D and A Level was invented by Dan Martinko and Angelo Rodriquez, professional glaziers, both of whom live in Lake In The Hills, IL who said, “Our prototype works exceptionally well. It works just as does the well named tool called the whiskey stick. Why? Because it never freezes and the bubble always goes properly right or left. The D and A Level saves time for all professional users as well as homeowners, DIYer's and more. It works.”

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