The Decorative Adhesive-Backed Illusions

The new decorative adhesive-backed Illusions changes an existing flat slab door to a more attractive panel door for easy home improvement methods that will upgrade the interior doors of a residence.

Many people want to make home improvements, but are deterred from doing so because of the time and expense involved. There is now one way to make upgrades to a home with little cost and time. Illusions is a product line of decorative, adhesive-backed, form-fitting sheets of vinyl or plastic that are applied to the surface of an existing flat slab door. These sheets give the illusion of the more attractive, three-dimensional surface of a panel door. Illusions is easy to apply and far cheaper than door replacement. With Illusions any homeowner can upgrade interior doors with a minimum of effort and expense. Televised test marketing has been complted indicating strong consumer interest in Illusions.

The Patent Pending Illusions was invented by a contractor and finish carpenter, Mike Henson of La Habra, CA. He said, "Produced in a variety of sizes, colors, and wood grains, the Illusions product line has a series of designs representing four- and six- panel Masonite or solid panel doors. The visual effect of the depth dimension is accomplished through the arts of graphic design and printing. Installation is a simple matter of removing the liner from the peel-n-stick adhesive backing, matching the sheet to the door and pressing it securely into place."

The inventor added, "One doesn't need to replace existing interior slab doors with more attractive panel doors. Instead use the Illusions. For the cost of actually replacing just one slab door, many householders can cover all of their slab doors with the Illusions."

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