"The Decorative Wall Hangings": Accentuate And Personalize The Walls Of A Living Space

"The Decorative Wall Hangings" is a line of frame assemblies that encase a selection of attractive objects for display.

The design intent of Decorative Wall Hangings is to provide consumers with a simple yet eye-catching means of accentuating and personalizing the walls of their living space. Fabricated of a durable plastic material, the frame components would be offered in curved and straight pieces that snap together to form an open face unit. Each frame piece has a slightly scalloped and a straight edge, when snapped together you have a perfectly beautiful lightweight and decorative frame. The interchangeable pieces make it easy to change the frame appearance from round, to square, to rectangular, or oval, allowing consumers to add style and charm to any room.

The range of decorative objects to display in the center of each frame is virtually endless with themed designs and decorative designs to match any interest including, but not limited to holidays, religious items, sports themes and pastoral designs just to name a few, but whatever the chosen object, all are prominently displayed in bas-relief. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Decorative Wall Hangings.

The Patent Pending Decorative Wall Hangings were invented by Brenda Tucker of Baltimore, MD, who says this is a great product because it will save money, look beautiful in any room and give you the flexibility to make changes to the room décor within minutes.

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