"The DGC End Table": Provides Clean and Neat Space Without Taking Up More Room

If it seems like there is never enough room in your home, then it might be time to look at how certain pieces of furniture is able to add to the space. The DGC End Table may well be the answer and it is perfect in a large, medium or small home as well as an office area. The DGC End Table is a spacious, sturdy, attractive wood end table with plenty of easily accessed concealed storage space and an elevated “second top” which makes the table lighter, easier to hold, and easier to move when necessary. The second top could also be used for storage or display. As such, the DGC End Table is an ideal accessory in any household as well as in reception areas and offices.

The DGC End Table in a commercial version is constructed in a variety of hardwoods – oak, cherry, mahogany with the table constructed in the manner of an enclosed cabinet with a swing-out, wood-handled door secured by concealed tension hinges and a horizontal shelf dividing the interior into two spacious compartments for concealed storage. The four corner-posts of the cabinet extend approximately 6 inches above the top of the cabinet supporting a “second top”. The top of the underlying cabinet box, creates two full shelves or surfaces that are open to view. Not only does this tiered “second top” double the available storage space atop the cabinet, it also serves as a sturdy and convenient “handle” for tilting and pulling the end table/cabinet when necessary for rearranging. The bottom of the four corner-posts are equipped with recessed, spring-loaded casters so the DGC End Table can be rolled from place to place. The DGC End Table is highly professional in construction and exceptionally attractive. It is a simple, solid, well-finished piece of furniture that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the DGC End Table.
The DGC End Table is Patent Pending and was invented by David Cranmer of Freehold, NJ who said, “The DGC End Table is a quality crafted piece of furniture.  I designed it to provide a wealth of space with two tops and to conceal and eliminate unsightly clutter while still providing plenty of accessible storage space and looking good at the same time. It looks and works perfectly.”

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