"The DigiLock": Automatic Keyless Entrance to Residence Adds to Personal Security

Years ago, many individuals did not bother to lock their homes or other buildings. That is not the case today. Personal security is vitally important and when arriving home, it is a benefit to have immediate occupancy. That is possible when using the new DigiLock.  The DigiLock is a transmitting and receiving system that is specially designed to be used in conjunction with the front and back doors of a home or business. The design intent is to enhance home security by providing consumers with a means of keyless entry and exit. And, because the Digi Lock would unlock one's door with a simple push of a button, instead of fumbling with keys, users could get inside faster thus reducing the risk of a mugging or attack.

The DigiLock is a lock system specially designed for doors containing a built-in receiving unit operated by a corresponding remote-control transmitter. It is sized to fit the standard cutouts on most doors. The Digi Lock deadbolt is hardened steel featuring a combination of wood and plastic housing. A receiver circuit, along with a tuned frequency, is encased within the lockset’s sturdy housing. In addition, a flashing, red light emitting diode (LED) is incorporated into the design of the lockset and offers an indicator that the lock has been activated or disengaged. The rectangular remote control resembles the standard keychain variety remotes common to automobiles with two buttons to activate the system’s lock/unlock capabilities. A frequency generator, amplifier, internal antenna, and the required electrical/electronic components and circuitry are encased within the unit’s durable plastic housing. The remote-control pendant also has a flashlight. Both the receiver and transmitter of the DigiLock are powered by a coin-cell type battery, and feature a red LED to indicate a low battery state. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the DigiLock. 
The Patent Pending DigiLock was invented by Agnissan Adje of Bronx, NY who said, “The DigiLock combines the security of a deadbolt along with the convenience of a remote control and allows a homeowner both access and security of their home with a simple press of a button. No fumbling for keys just immediate entrance with a simple push of a button. It works.”

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