"The Digital Laptop Skins": Displays a Slide Show, Ad, Logos, Messages and More

Everyone likes a change but in some cases, changes are unavailable. But, look at this new product that displays just about whatever the user wants to show. The Digital Laptop Skins is a line of electronically enhanced, Bluetooth® enabled laptop coverings that can be programmed to display a variety of images, as opposed to one single photo or logo. The design intent is to provide DJs, as well as other consumers and professionals in the public eye, with a more versatile laptop skin which can display a slide show of images, advertisements, logos, messages, and more.

Secured onto the surface of the laptop lid with four evenly spaced adjustable clips, the Digital Laptop Skins is a thin, lightweight rectangular device, measuring approximately 9” high x 13” wide x ¼” deep. USB and SD ports are included to accept the appropriate storage drives that transfer the chosen images to the skin. For display, the Digital Laptop Skins offers a high-definition LCD screen which faces outward when in use. Once the Digital Laptop Skin is attached to the computer and the unit plugged in, the screen displays the images in a repeating slide show format. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Digital Laptop Skins.
The Patent Pending Digital Laptop Skins was invented by Craig Dodgen of Naperville, IL who said, “Individuals who work in front of the public can display desired images when using the Digital Laptop Skins. It takes presentations to a new level because of the slide show displayed to those in the audience and it works well for teachers, business professionals, public speakers and DJs too. It works.”

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Source: Invents Company


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