"The Dirt Remover": Keeps Floors of Vehicles Clean and Neat

​Keeping the floor of a vehicle clean is more difficult than running a vacuum in a living space. But now there is a new device that solves that difficulty. The Dirt Remover is a shoe-cleaning system for motor vehicles consisting of powerful air-blowers mounted in the lower sections of the doors, and designed to blow shoes clean as the driver or passenger (s) sit in their seats, before bringing their feet into the vehicle. It is designed to keep floors and floor-mats free of dirt, mud, and debris. The Dirt Remover prevents stains and keep interiors clean, saving motorists time and trouble when tidying the vehicle. The Dirt Remover also has a heat function to act as a heated blow dryer for melting away and removing ice and snow debris from shoes, as well as for drying one's shoes when wet.

The Dirt Remover can be incorporated into the design and production of new cars, vans, SUVs, pickups, and commercial trucks, and/or produced as an aftermarket, add-on accessory for existing vehicles. In either case, the Dirt Remover system is powered by the vehicle's electrical system. Powerful, high-speed electric fans would be mounted and concealed inside the vehicle's doors with the fans oriented to blow downward. Fins or louvered vents in the bottom of the doors would direct the fans' air-flow down and away from the vehicle; and the fans – one in each door – are activated by a rotary-knob switch on the dashboard.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Dirt Remover.
The Patent Pending Dirt Remover was invented by Ronald Meredith of Anaheim, CA who said, “This device air-cleans shoes and boots without bending or brushing required. It keeps shoe-borne debris and dirt out of a vehicle and functions like an electric hair dryer keeping moisture off the floor mats.  It works perfectly.”

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