"The Disposable Fan Blade Cleaner": Provides Simple and Easy Way to Clean the Blades

​The only negative thing about a ceiling fan is the need for consistent cleaning but that can be turned into a positive when using this new product. The Disposable Fan Blade Cleaner is a line of cleanser enhanced, disposable sheathes specially designed for easily cleaning ceiling fan blades. The design intent is to offer consumers an easier and more effective means of removing dust and grime that accumulates on the blades of ceiling fans while containing it within for a simple, quick, and mess-free disposal.

The Disposable Fan Blade Cleaner is offered in a series of five interconnected units, with each individual sheathe mimicking the outline of standard ceiling fan blades. Manufactured of lightweight synthetic material and woven with stretchy elastic for a custom-like fit, the Disposable Fan Blade Cleaner attracts dust and dirt within the interior of each sleeve. The inner surface has a textured, porous surface on which dust and debris clings. They are augmented with a cleansing solvent along with a scented component to leave behind a pleasant smell. The Disposable Fan Blade Cleaner is simple to use. Each individual compartment is inserted over each fan blade with the sheathes fitted around the blades enabling it trap the dust and dirt on each side of the fan blade. When removing it one presses the hands on each side and the debris is contained with the sleeve and placed into a waste receptacle. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Disposable Fan Blade Cleaner.
The Patent Pending Disposable Fan Blade Cleaner was invented by Simon Totten of Lakewood, CA who said, “The Disposable Fan Blade Cleaner cleans and sanitizes fan blades without creating a bigger mess. The ease of cleaning and disposable ability makes this device perfect for every home or office with a ceiling fan. It works perfectly.”

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