"The Disposable Grease Bucket": A Long-Needed Accessory for Cooks and Chefs

Not everyone cooks today like their Mom or Grandmother used to cook. One great memory that makes the taste buds water is the smell of bacon frying; food prepared in leftover bacon fat is memorable. Not only delicious and tasty, it brings back many memories of home cooking. Now, it is easy to store used cooking oil when utilizing this new device. The Disposable Grease Bucket is a high temperature resistant, lidded receptacle that is specially designed for storing used cooking oil. The design intent is to provide household consumers with a simple, disposable and mess-free means of storing and discarding grease after meal preparation.

The device is a round bucket fashioned from an inexpensive but durable material equipped with a secure, flip-top lid to prevent spillage and is offered in multiple sizes featuring buckets that hold up to 18 ounces of used oil. Partnered with each bucket is a companion mug serving to house the bucket itself while it is stored in the refrigerator. The disposable buckets are sold separately as refills for the companion mugs. The Disposable Grease Bucket offer consumers a simple and effective means of properly storing and discarding used cooking oil, eliminating the need to appropriate household dishes or old cans for this purpose. The clever Disposable Grease Bucket system provides an oil receptacle that can be stored in the refrigerator or to be used again and then discarded in the same container after use. Fabricated of durable plastic and internally lined with a heat resistant material, the Disposable Grease Bucket offers a safe and neat container for oil storage and disposal. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Disposable Grease Bucket. 
The Disposable Grease Bucket is Patent Pending and was invented by James Alkins of Fresh Meadows, NY who said, “This was developed and designed as an easy mean of oil storage and disposal. It works for both the home cook and the professional chef. Anyone who cooks will find it is the perfect accessory. It works perfectly.”

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