"The Disposable Soda Can Cover": Keeps Beverage Contents Safe From Bugs for Outdoor Enthusiasts

​A safe and healthy drink is normal while sipping from a beverage can when one is using this new product. The Disposable Soda Can Cover is a form-fitting, disposable coated paper cover for an open, canned soft drink or beer. Covering the side of the can top featuring the drinking hole, this product keeps insects such as bees and flies, as well as airborne dust and dirt and even intentional debris, out of one's drink, thus preventing contamination of the beverage. It also eliminates the possibility of ingesting an insect or becoming stung or bitten.

The Disposable Soda Can Cover is either waxed or coated and consists of food-grade sanitary paper. The cover is semicircular or half-moon in shape fashioned with folds or pleats that enable it to fit snugly and securely yet still easy to remove around the drinking side rim of the beverage can. The opening of the can will be covered when not sipping a drink because the Disposable Soda Can Cover this device provides full coverage based on the configuration of the beverage cans. It is simple and easy to remove and snaps right back onto the can to keep foreign object from entering. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Disposable Soda Can Cover.
The Patent Pending Disposable Soda Can Cover was invented by Victor Perez of Piru, CA who said, “Where I live there are many fruit trees and when I was outside it was impossible to keep bees, flies, insects and debris out of an open can when I was outdoors. When using this device, it can be tossed out along with the empty can and there will be no bugs in your drink. It is very simple to use but better yet, it works.”

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